Lions & Tigers & DAYS–Oh, My!

LujackLvr on January 5, 2016 8:51 pm

Ali’s Blog [#0002]

Lions & Tigers & DAYS—Oh My!

I love soap operas.  I loved GUIDING LIGHT (I watched from late 1981 until it’s cancellation in Sept 2009); SANTA BARBARA (I would watch during GL commercial breaks because SB was on at the same time as GL–and sometimes if the storylines on GUIDING LIGHT reeked, I would watch SANTA BARBARA and switch back to GL during the SB commercial breaks) but originally, I was a CBS soap watcher because no one wanted to get up and physically change the channel.  (Back when my sisters & I started watching soaps, they’d usually run from 12:30 to 4 p.m. and the only way I could watch the entire line-up was if it was summer time & we were lucky enough to be home–remember being able to watch TV before needing remote controls?  Having decent reception without basic/premium cable?  Remember not having to pay a boat load just to watch a TV program?  We were one of that last families on our street to not have cable and have decent reception–until we (and by “we,” of course I mean my parents) had to start paying for basic cable just so we could have TV at all.  I remember my dad’s initial frustration & confusion:  “Who pays money to watch public/general TV?  It’s ridiculous, grumble grumble…”

I also watched ALL MY CHILDREN when my beloved Vincent Irizarry joined the show permanently in 1997, inhabiting Emmy-winning cardiologist Dr. David Hayward, lusting after [er, watching] “Dr. Evil” until AMC bit the dust [courtesy of Brian Frons & AMC’s cheapo replacement show, THE CHEW, which is still on the air, folks–and for some reason, I can’t bring myself to watch it as I tried to stomach the first few minutes of their premiere episode, but I ended up squirming & yelling,  “YOU KILLED ALL MY CHILDREN!” at the television, which “bootstrap baker” Carla Hall and perpetually perky Daphne Oz couldn’t hear–but hell’s bells, Loretta, it made me feel better.  (Don’t even get me started on GUIDING LIGHT being slain to make way for LET’S MAKE A DEAL–that show had seen me through scholastic snafus, employment debacles & many brain surgeries–as well as eye & orthopedic procedures–too numerous to list here.  I also got the chance to meet some GL actors at various appearances and I even got the opportunity to write my own column for Vincent’s website for a few years.  The site has since been revamped & Vincent had been doing other things but it was fun while it lasted.

I became “hooked” on DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the summer of 1988 (I loved John & Isabella & Staci Greason’s beautiful kick-ass hair) but I really started watching daily or as much as I could (I had no TV/Betamax/VCR of my own then as I was 16 years old and a freshman in high school) but I really got interested when Jennifer Horton knocked on Jack Deveraux’s office door in the Summer of 1989 (which is how they used to reel the kids in; a sneaky yet genius marketing strategy if there ever was one) because I love how sexy & beautiful Matthew Ashford is, his Cary Grant-elegance & humor & way with a quip…Jack’s intelligence & hopeless devotion to Jennifer and their children [even when Jennifer is being snarky & snotty to him] and his 14,000 “deaths…”

Here’s my DAYS [2016] theory:

What if it’s all a “vast right-wing conspiracy”…the producers & writers of DAYS ticking viewers off so royally that when Ken Corday & Sony Pictures [Corday’s boss], an organization that is hemorrhaging money so badly that all the current DAYS actors are jumping ship so fast long-time characters are dying on-screen [dropping like flies, really, manwhore Daniel is just the latest casualty] to make room for old favorites like Steve & Kayla and the young kids, who will work for scale since it’s usually their first paid TV job…since DAYS has been renewed for a very short time, I have a sinking feeling that actors like Vincent Irizarry, who first appears as Deimos, a Kiriakis relative, on Jan. 16, could have been brought on to help usher fellow Salemites into the sunset. I’d love to be wrong (I watched AS THE WORLD TURNS when Shawn Christian played Dr. Mike Kasnoff & I don’t think Mike was killed on-screen but it was so long ago, and ATWT was cancelled not long after SC left NYC for beautiful downtown Burbank…) because I’d love for my favorite DAYS characters to live on & for my favorite DAYS actors to retain gainful employment…I dunno, it’s just a hunch/sneaking suspicion that if the DAYS execs alienate their audience enough, they’ll comfort themselves with the old adage from Eric Hilliard Nelson’s “Garden Party”: “You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself.”

Then again, perhaps I should try a lyric that could be more appropriate to what seems to be going on at DAYS, the first line of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”:

“Paranoia strikes deep; into your life it will creep…”

(I remember when ALL MY CHILDREN was being cancelled for THE CHEW and there were lots of fans protesting outside the ABC studios when Brian Frons, who was then the Senior Executive Producer of Daytime Production, and who was the man who gave the go ahead to cancel ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, actually walked out of the ABC studio where ALL MY CHILDREN taped with a megaphone in his hands & shouted, “Everyone needs to get a grip, go home & READ A BOOK!” and then security swarmed them until the protesters gave up & dispersed.)

I really hope I’m wrong about my sneaking suspicions…


Till next time…


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